There comes a point in time when life compels you to act - to be a part of something bigger than yourself on behalf of others.

For years people have been encouraging me to push forward, push harder and rise to represent those that have no voice. These very people have been responsible for my success and made me who I am today. What is different now, however is that I have no more excuses to tell them, "not now."

As a result, with great enthusiasm, dedication, pride and humility, I am running as a Democratic challenger to Devin Nunes in California's 22nd Congressional District.

Tulare, Visalia, Fresno, Dinuba et al...we've been ignored in Washington for far, too long. We deserve a voice that will stand up for us as well as an ear that will listen. I intend to be both.

Please join my campaign as we work to show this valley can come together to solve the real issues that concern us as we make this place we call home an example the rest of the nation can follow.  

We are the brightest flake of gold in the entire Golden State.  We are The Central Valley.

what I STAND FOR...



  • Reduce the tax burden on small and medium-sized businesses and middle class families and helping them stay competitive in the labor market as well.

  • Ensure large corporations pay their fair share of taxes

  • Funding for additional regulation must be focused more on helping businesses comply rather than on enforcement

  • Making our workforce competitive in the new, clean energy economy



  • We must move towards universal coverage

  • Maintain the protections for consumers the ACA put in place

  • Ensure premiums are more affordable for everyone

  • Always protecting a woman’s right to choose what is right for her body


Comprehensive Immigration Reform

  • Provide legal means for all immigrants already here to work and pay taxes

  • Prioritize immigrants with skills defined by employers

  • Continue the American Spirit of accepting refugees while keeping our homeland safe



  • Climate change is a world-wide, humanitarian crisis

  • Increase America’s competitiveness in the global, green economy

  • Work to transition our society to renewable fuels in a manner that is economically viable

  • Ensure every community has access to safe, clean drinking water



  • Work with government leaders in the West as well as Washington to update our water storage and delivery systems for residential, industrial and agricultural use

  • Conserve our environment while making sure we put human life first


Public Education, Poverty and Community

  • We must improve the conditions at home of our students that struggle in school -- it takes a whole village to raise a child

  • Strengthen community safety by promoting community policing to combat crime and homelessness

  • Support the needs of rural veterans to get access to the care they need and improve the transition to civilian life for those being discharged

  • Restore in our most marginalized communities the ability to dream